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Finally moved in the new house after about 3 months of being a little bit of everywhere! To kick it off I'm throwing up a few random 2015 cards maybe some of you may need!

Dibble is a SP
Ellsbury is chrome refractor
The other Heritage are retail only foil

I'll be adding more as I get some time between painting and other fun stuff - seems I'm not the only one on the move right now (Chris, Rich, and others I've talked to as well) - it's not fun being away or restricted in trading !!!!

I'm looking for variations and colors of Kris Bryant (especially ones from 2015 Debut and Topps since some of them are a little lower end for these cards I listed). Also for other rookies and such - bigger names and under the radar names!

[Image: image_zpsnux9xoef.jpg]
Here are some more I pulled from PC to deal for Bryants and Trouts!
The plate is Devon Travis Magenta Top Prospects plate!

[Image: image_zps36or9fwz.jpg]
Harper and Bum gone. Anyone for some lower end dealings ?
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