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Full Version: If it's been a month
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after a trade has been accepted and you've not received the other end, even though they marked it shipped on the first (and only after I inquired about it). Had 15 positive trades, I had my end taken care of immediately, and I even traded in their favor because they really seemed interested in the cards I had even though what they had was kind of weak when it came to Packers stuff. Then, the actual Packers card they had listed they couldn't even find. I had no problem with that (I've had it happen), and we came to another agreement on another card. I've not had to ding someone on a trade here yet, and I'd prefer not to, but what how much time is too much time to give them? Should I send them a request on status one more time before moving this along to floydtown?
And, I just noticed that the same person had the same question asked about him back in April. Awesome...
If it's been a month, time to pass it to Floydtown. I understand life can get in the way, but there's gotta be communication about it, and certainly a month is way to long. Stinks when people take advantage or our trust. Sorry you seem to be getting stiffed man. Hopefully he still comes through!
A month is WAY too long! Contact Floydtown and see if that gets the wheels turning on your trade.
If they are signing in and ignoring you, then definitely get in touch with either floydtown or myself with their I for. We can mark down the incident and work from there. We can't get you your cards, but we can do some digging for you.

Do you know if they have been on the site since you two agreed to the trade?
(06-12-2015 03:35 PM)jeremy7269 Wrote: [ -> ]Do you know if they have been on the site since you two agreed to the trade?

Says they were online today as a matter of fact.
(06-12-2015 03:50 PM)bojesphob Wrote: [ -> ]Says they were online today as a matter of fact.

I'm not type to totally call someone out either but it does seem like they are disregarding their obligation. Maybe tell them if you don't have your cards by Wednesday that you will let the mods know. Some people just need a deadline.
agree with everyone else, a month is more than enough time to wait. Take action...
I forgot you were a mod Randi Smile lol
send me his mailing address and username
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