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I've been looking for a real good montana to add to my collection that would grade a decent 8. I've found a few but I'm not sure about them because they look like pristine 10s. I know there was a reprint made but none I'm looking at have the added preprint text in the back. It just makes me think why if someone has such a great looking card that is hard to find at high grades not get it graded when you can double your money??

Does anyone know more about this card. I know it's not a super high dollar card but I would still think some scammer good a faking can produce some good cards that they can sell at $100 a piece.
Wherever there is money to be made, there will be scammers!

If you're that worried about it then best bet is to buy one already graded an 8. They're not terribly expensive.
This is a card I would recommend buying already graded or in a cello pack sitting on top. I've been burned too often by 81-84 Topps Rookies.
yep, best to buy it already graded.
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