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Full Version: This week's new adds
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I have a few more coming from trades and such soon, but figured I'd post these, since I just go the Panini Rewards auto that I got with some of the points that came in the Prizm case that I got Smile Since I am still trying to build for another case, had to get some trades and small purchases in. Anyhow, a couple I got from trades:
Favre Motel Metal:

71 Ray Nitschke

54 Vito (Babe) Parilli

Favre UD3

And, the Panini Rewards redemption - 14 Davante Adams Certified Freshman Fabric auto two color patch. For some reason, I really like the looks of this card!

Will hopefully have my really big trade/purchase item that I got recently coming in within the next few days. Can't wait to show it off! Smile
Man, you lucked out on that Adams patch! Sweet card.
(06-09-2015 09:51 AM)sconnienation3 Wrote: [ -> ]Man, you lucked out on that Adams patch! Sweet card.

They still have them available on the Panini Rewards site. Is still only 250 points as well!!!
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