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Just picked this up today, I can't wait to get it! My first 1/1 of him so far !

[Image: Playbook%201%20of%201%20Ball%20Booklet_zpssl11nkfx.jpg]

Heres a few other recent pickups from the last few weeks and months:

[Image: National%20Treasures%20Ball_zpslg4ylaya.jpg]

[Image: Playbook%20Vertical%20Booklet%20SCORE_zpscateie85.jpg]

[Image: Immaculate1of2NikeSwooshLogo_zpsa4dbe68a.jpg]

[Image: deanthonybooklet_zpsf3323733_1.jpg]

[Image: Select%20Blue%20Prizm%20Auto%20Patch%201...3xseyv.jpg]

[Image: Supreme%20Patch%2010_zpsikezuen1.jpg]

[Image: Upper%20Deck%2094%20Auto_zpsxpkfutkg.jpg]
Picked these up too for the non De'Anthony PC, some sweet stuff here:

[Image: Teddy%20Bridgewater%20Topps%20Fire%20Aut...0vbdoc.jpg]

[Image: Jimmy%20Garappolo%20Topps%20Prime%20Auto...veuhbf.jpg]

[Image: Curtis%20Martin%20Auto%20Jersey_zpsakhg7mkj.jpg]

[Image: Logan%20Thomas%20BCA%20Topps%20Chrome%20...tnrjv4.jpg]

[Image: Sammy%20Watkins%20Auto%20Patch_zpshkbm4rqe.jpg] picked up some nice stuff! The Curtis Martin sig makes me sad though. I think companies should toss the ones that get cut into by their stickers.
very nice! grats on the 1/1
Very nice pickups! Pretty cool that you got your first 1/1 Smile
Wow, you went all out on that first 1/1! Awesome card!
Daaaaang, awesome adds!!
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