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I am bored and looking for some collector sites to browse through. These can be either player or team or master set collectors. Even though I am a Cowboys fan it can be any player or team. I prefer football but if you know any great ones from other sports share those as well. I am looking for thoroughness. When someone is just showing off a bunch of 1/1's, patches, and autos that doesn't impress me as much as someone that has taken the time to hunt down and scan base cards and junk wax and parallels. The Emmitt ones I have found online aren't very thorough so if you know of a great one let me know. Maybe I should start one. Also please no photobucket sites. I know a lot of collectors put their collection on photobucket but I have found it to be clunky and slow and hard to browse and draggy.
Here are some of my favorites:

This first one is the platinum standard for showing off your collection online. I hope to have an Emmitt or Cowboy one like this someday. I love how he scanned front and back and does everything from 1989 up including base cards. This is htoutlaws Barry Sanders site:

This is also a very good one and similar to the previous link. This is Jade Rock's Mark Brunell site:

This is a pretty decent Joe Montana collection. I just wish he showed more base cards. I do like how he shows all the rare cards from 1981 up and gives great sometimes funny explanation's behind the card.

I absolutely love this next site. This is a site of Dallas Cowboy cards from 1960 stopping at 1979. Easy to navigate, great information and great scans.

Finally I like this next site because how often do you see someone super collect a freaking offensive lineman?? I love it!

Please check those out and share your favorite sites as well for me to browse.
Here is a website I have been creating to show off my collection. I have moved it to more of a thumbnail flow as when I used the gallery format the load time was pretty ridiculous. Here is the link to my
2004 leaf r&s master set. I am at 1503 of 1572 possible cards.

I also have my 1998 donruss preferred baseball master set on there
Mines in my signature
I had one but I'm on my way out.
Thanks guys for the links! I enjoyed browsing through each site. Great collections!
Here is a link to my Dolphins PC. Still need to add a few but most are there.

Links are all on the left. Smile
Feel free to browse through mine. I've got 16 years of Champ cards and various other players from all sports as well.
Here's a link to my work in progress. The Favre wantlists as well as some of the gallery pages are up to date (the ones with live links on the homepage), but none of the UW stuff is live yet.

I host the images on SCA so feel free to browse my stuff there too.
I appreciate the shout out JJoy.

Site builders! It's a never ending I right?!?
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