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Hey guys, I'm in a 10 team keeper league on We were at 12 the past 3 years, but a bunch of guys bailed on us, so we are dropping to 10. We need 2 active owners willing to take over some teams. I don't have a copy of the rosters at the moment, but if you are up for the challenge, let me know! It's a very competitive, and active league, so you need to be on your toes! This will be our 4th year with the same core group, and we are looking for some more friendly, competitive people to join!

I also have a 10 team league of my own, just standard, that we could use a few new owners in as well. Anyone interested, just hit me up, either on here, or in a pm with your email, and I will send invites out so you can get in, and get acclimated!
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