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Full Version: Some nice stuff FT
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Trading sure picked up after my last FT thread about two weeks ago, so I've decided to do another. As always, I'm looking for anything that catches my eye, but in particular Sox and Sonny Gray, Dustin Pedroia, Marcus Stroman, Braden Shipley, and Shelby Miller. Happy Trading!
This Trout is PC, so it'll be hard to get it off of me. My trade value is very loose on it, and I enjoy negotiations.
[Image: IMG_04251_zpslgv0jqxg.jpg]
This Henderson's TV for me is $70ish, but it will be hard to get
[Image: IMG_04221_zpse01hefr9.jpg]
Medica TV $25
[Image: IMG_04211_zps4ywpg9ti.jpg]
[Image: IMG_04201_zpsfahkyswe.jpg]
[Image: IMG_04191_zpsza27kgdx.jpg]
[Image: IMG_04181_zpsvd4wfsdi.jpg]
[Image: IMG_04171_zpsqn4y1yjr.jpg]
[Image: 3a8ad405-3d35-4abf-87b8-436f92c7912a_zpsfdai3evv.jpg]
[Image: 8d56c151-de84-45a3-8007-d0d0aa61ab55_zpszj26wqer.jpg]
[Image: 96831d8e-f11c-4a69-9a78-9abeab12bc5c_zpsj6sgpf7v.jpg]
[Image: 0b2f9b76-afc5-4e95-9065-bc27217815ad_zps7uix719h.jpg]
[Image: d522a82f-3bcf-44d0-b720-58269b599021_zpsxncadq9i.jpg]
[Image: 4059fe41-17e5-4959-9afe-9d6338760bdf_zps58j9s46t.jpg]
[Image: f700db35-12ef-4b43-a064-800287c33fc5_zpsjfxxpi1z.jpg]
[Image: f700db35-12ef-4b43-a064-800287c33fc5_zpsjfxxpi1z.jpg]
[Image: 50753238-643e-43f6-b336-e2e880083ae2_zps4yljvaks.jpg]
[Image: 35bd9ab5-25e0-4358-bb12-57013f9da675_zpsafk9qz2c.jpg]
[Image: be15904b-8548-41ed-97eb-aea1abdf08c8_zps2z8grof8.jpg]
[Image: c7f9b5c8-f294-4231-9979-1d7822fb328f_zpsqamp2zid.jpg]
[Image: fff52cf4-4266-478c-92f1-a4549efeb618_zps8hop7tm5.jpg]
[Image: cfcb5f5e-b1a4-4e0a-9c19-bbd00ec7460d_zpsvef7oc0d.jpg]
[Image: IMG_22261_zpsosj8ubsl.jpg]
[Image: IMG_22251_zpsp9xarqbu.jpg]
[Image: IMG_04551_zpseco5hnhu.jpg]
Offer sent
Helton Silk is gone, Puig REF is pending. Any others?
would love a shot at trout. send offer.
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