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Pulls from 1 '11 Bowman Jumbo and 1 '14 Bowman Chrome. Several base and prospect cards I have not loaded if anyone needs something from these sets or player cards.

[Image: 14%20Chrome%20AUs_zpsiycijqyj.jpg]
[Image: 14%20Chrome%20Refs_zpst1scgeix.jpg]
[Image: 11%20Bowman%20Ins_zpsawmoc3gw.jpg]
[Image: 11%20Bowman%20Harper_zps7odpjgfx.jpg]
[Image: 11%20Bowman%20Sale%20AU_zpsv0lkacik.jpg]
how much on the harpers?
(05-30-2015 05:12 PM)tellblast15 Wrote: [ -> ]how much on the harpers?

PM sent.
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