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I am not a "prospector" in the baseball card collecting meaning. But somehow I have started acquiring a good deal of Braxton Davidson stuff. So if anyone has any they would like to trade they can feel free to check me. Not looking for duplicates, just stuff I don't already have.
[Image: E3F6CDF0-4A23-4D09-B213-2C9ED15B5AC1_zpsjucl9mfj.jpg]
[Image: 5E839D24-3371-4143-B037-7E995268264C_zpso0gcfeeq.jpg]
[Image: F9D51903-B678-467E-8FA0-0787AE990DB6_zpso7dnp54l.jpg]
[Image: 1A1C5403-4F1F-46A4-B884-F3A0A43D66B1_zps6twevkcc.jpg]
[Image: 16982ACC-EE4D-4093-AF79-55BAADC14BD0_zpsaeehlre5.jpg]
Ha, nice accident. Nice stuff Randall.
Nice! I think I need to order a box or two of the Leaf Valiant. Those are sweet looking.
Ya....I would try to help you but you have taken all of his cards
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