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Please help me here im a huge collector of all 3 force girls and ive decided to step away from the diecast side and move in to cards
Im looking for any autos or mem cards of
Ashley force
Brittany force
Courtney force

I wish I could help you now. Years ago, I had an awesome AU card of all three, PLUS their dad John. It was a 2010 PP Legends Quad AU card #'d to 25 copies. I traded it very soon after I pulled it. That is still the highest valued card I have ever pulled! I'll keep an eye out for you for any of the ladies' cards!

In case you were wondering, the card I pulled and traded was this one:

[Image: PPLeg-ForceFamilyAU.jpg]

I actually still have the scan in my PB, so I figured that I'd post it for you. I know it is kind of a "Holy Grail" of Force family cards. That's why I've kept the scan for all these years.

GL in your search!!!
Thats awesome bud i appreciate you helping me look
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