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Looking to get some Jays autos before a show going on up here in Canada in 3 weeks. Guys don't have to be in Jay uniforms, but do need to be current Jays or Jays legends. Looking for Bautista, Donaldson, Encarnacion, Devon Travis, Sanchez, Stroman, Norris, etc. Fire me an offer if you've got something or post it here. Cheers!
Think I've got a Pillar and Stroman in my org if they interest you at all. Also have a Gose White Whale in there but I know he skipped town.
what show u going to simon?
Splitting a table with Jamie at the Summit in Edmonton.

(05-04-2015 08:30 PM)ounagi Wrote: [ -> ]what show u going to simon?
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