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A few of my close friends and fellow Braves fans have been discussing the possibility of going to Cooperstown to watch John Smoltz Hall of Fame induction speech/ceremony. I'd like to take a really cool non-auto relic booklet/card with me to have Smoltzy sign it in-person. I don't care what the BV of the booklet/card is as long as it's really cool (e.g. multi-colored patch, jersey letter, etc...). I'll be out of town for about a week and would like to field some trade offers during this time. So please feel free to comment here or send an offer. Scans of the booklet/card would be awesome, but not necessary. I like trading so if you're selling I'm sorry, but I'm not your buyer. If that were the case I'd be combing eBay instead. Thanks to all respondents in advance. Happy trading!
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