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looking to buy baseball, basketball and football. i am NOT looking for game used and autos. if you want to throw some in, that's fine, but im not specifically looking for them. dupes are great

specifically looking for stuff 2011 and up, but not just that era

10% of every sale I make goes to charity (and now, none of my money goes to ebay since i have my own site! yay!) Project Cupid has raised over 100k in the past 5 years for cancer research at Dana Farber

price rates at the moment:

$3 bv cards - 15 cents/card
$4 bv cards - 25 cents/card
$5 bv cards - 35 cents/card
$6 bv cards - 40 cents/card
$8 bv cards - 55 cents/card
$10 bv cards - 75 cents/card
$12 bv cards - $1/card
$15 bv cards - $1.50/card

and of course, ill pick up the shipping

minimum lot bv needs to be at least 300 dollars total. more is better. ideal lot would be around 1000-2000

i can go through your org and send an offer (preferred) or you can send me an offer
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