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I have a replica line up card signed by Bochy with authentic mound dirt from Lincecum's first no-hitter in San Diego. I won it at a golf tournament in San Francisco. The price tag that was on it was $159.99. Anyone willing to trade it for some cards? I'm a big STL Cardinal fan. I also collect Abreu, Trout and Harper. PM me if you are interested in trading. Thanks.

[Image: Giants4_zpsbpp9gjiv.jpg]

[Image: Giants1_zpsrsmhnstw.jpg]

[Image: Giants2_zpsttt6vnvv.jpg]
This is pretty cool. If it was the ACTUAL lineup card, I'd be all about working something out. Still, very cool.
Very cool!
Not looking to get $159, just would rather it go to a Giants fan.....Just send me an offer.... especially since they seem to have the Cardinals number in the playoffs.......Grrrr
Feel free to check me for it
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