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Seeing what's out there. Trout gets priority. But will look at everything.
Looking for $80 TV on the Bench. $50 on the Brooks. $40 on the Yount.

[Image: IMG_20150204_202342_zpsi8htbzxs.jpg]
[Image: 20150421_175351_zps58om3og2.jpg]
[Image: 20150312_182905_zpsnkjwgwdg.jpg]
[Image: 20150311_203935_zpsunui8ckv.jpg]
[Image: 20150316_192530_zpspv5ppbbb.jpg]
[Image: 20150410_100754_zpsqk7eofh6.jpg]
[Image: 20150423_205629_zpshw04qgta.jpg]
Those are sweet! Happy hunting and good luck.
Is the Springer gone? I was going to send you an open offer but did not see it in your ORG...LMK if its still available.
Sunday Bump
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