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Hey guys!
Here is some new trade bait - looking for (top priorities anyhow) Trout and Bryant rookie variations. As well as Giancarlo Stanton rookie variations.
Of course will deal for other rookies as well - don't even mind some PWE trades for smaller rookies I need/cards you may need from me.

[Image: image_zpsshvqxywi.jpg]

[Image: image_zpsswiioyz3.jpg]
(The Pindea is a Pink Variation to 50)
Just rolled out a 14.5 hour work day.... Bump. Is there such a bump? Well here it is! Haha
Several of these are still available! As well as a ton of low end stars , autos, etc! Let's cook up some trades!

Open for PWE trades and smaller ones as well... there are lots of rookie cards, and prospect cards that i need that are lower end as well!

And if anyone has vintage rookies they have maybe even in not great shape, i would love a shot at them (guys like Bench, Ryan, Seaver, Carew, etc etc)!
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