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I noticed that the stars are working except if you are looking for a particular player

If you have your wants marked post here and maybe we can get some trades done before it disappears again

I just sent 6 trade offers hopefully I will get some responses tonight for it has been a pretty long dry spell for me lately.

You dont have to trade with me but if you have your wants marked post in here so anyone could check and see if they have anything you need.

What I did notice is if you are looking for your wants they will not show up but they will show up if you look in your organizer so you will need to enter the cards in the trade and communicate with them this is an open offer and feel free to adjust but this is what the star system is showing
Sent you an open offer.
(04-15-2015 06:22 PM)franciscomarina Wrote: [ -> ]Sent you an open offer.

Comment in the trade. I have to let the other collector have a chance to agree. He waited on me for 2 days to respond so I feel obligated for him to decide to proceed or to pass.
I thought I could figure this out on my own, it appears I cant. I dont trade on here a ton but what is this star system you are referencing? I have some wants marked but I've never noticed any stars any where in my org. Am I looking in the wrong place or could it be no one has any of my wants listed in their org?
I have to dump my cookies in between each trade to keep the stars working.
All my set needs are marked.
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