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Hey whats up everyone!! Seeing if there is any interest on these cards before they hit the bay. Looking to apply the cash towards my Bryant fund. Mainly the BC. If there is any that u like, feel free to hit me up. Thanks for the looks and help.
[Image: Scan0406_zpshnjpzlxk.jpg]
[Image: Scan0405_zpsve6eyrzj.jpg]
Joe......sweet cards, why would you want to get rid of them? But I love the griffey and Ripken traded
thanks man!! i always like getting new things. switching things around. but mainly to get a Bryant chrome auto. i have a few interests from people pm's on some of these. buying them outright. but yeah, they are nice. just time for a change.
Sweet stuff! Shoot me a PM on what you need for the Aaron.
Cmb for the Ripken or pm me with your price,thank you
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