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Alright all needing some help. Thanks to the traders( Neifert and Ryannmo5) i am going to keep chasing this set. I did my org and i need 10 more to finish. Please help if u can. I really dont want to buy from fleebay. So here is the list of who i have left.

Chipper Jones
Don Mattingly
Dustin Pedroia

And if anyone else is wanting, i have some dups: Posey, Victor M. Mike Piazza, and Cespedes.

busy yesterday. have these 3 left. help me out all!! thanks
You giving up? I have Tulo if you wanna keep going for it.
I have the posey if interested, don't give up it would be a beautiful set to have!
Lol, yeah I know. Been chasing the set since they came out. And I really don't want to spend the money on the Bay for the rest. I have to see who I still need. And thanks for the reach out fellas. can do
I only have Adams and Howard, but I'd really like that Piazza if I have something else you might need. Thanks!
I have chipper if you still need it
thanks all for the info. i am almost done!! cant believe that i will finally finish my first set. lol. i plan on gluing them to some type of cardboard and framing them. of course in the plastic card holders that is.
(04-14-2015 10:13 PM)pschilling0001 Wrote: [ -> ]I have chipper if you still need it

offer sent with comments. thanks
thursday bump. just need 3 more guys!! help me out
You have tulo?
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