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I can provide pics for anyone interested. Many, but not all, are in my org. I will trade in your favor. I would sell all of them (BV is $4300+) for $435 shipped (a little less than 10% book value).
Check my org for basketball rookies listed maybe we can reach a deal
Have some basketball i would love to get rid of if you wanna check me
Any Ripken rc's?
I'll trade you all of my basketball cards if you want.
I have been checking everyone that has asked. There are a couple of deals being worked out, but I have most of the Cals now listed in my Org. Again, willing to trade in your favor if you have 1. Lebron needs 2. Kevin Durant needs 3. Demarco Murray needs 4. Adrian Peterson needs 5. autos, rookies, or relics of star/HOF players of football, basketball, or baseball.
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