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Hey everyone, just wanted to show of my nicer stuff in my Warrick Dunn PC. This is probably the funnest PC that I have since he doesn't have much out there! Thanks for looking!

[Image: E6582BC1-43DE-4E65-8117-49AFFC68803B_zpsn9f0dehh.jpg]

[Image: photo6_zps991a1379.jpg]

[Image: EE97A1F1-D680-421B-98F9-EEAD61A01DB2_zpsiszxztjl.jpg]

[Image: A10FBDCF-B757-47DA-A317-4242F4F2C551_zpsop9iwlmw.jpg]

[Image: 3DF0D664-2F5F-41E3-97D0-91E888278C15_zpsjfdaoye4.jpg]

[Image: 2B471592-2EE7-4DF2-A025-0C9F22BB7EB5_zpsl3e9tfsp.jpg]

[Image: B6F0511F-AEEF-47F9-BDA7-A147B0C71EB5_zpsxbg13tyc.jpg]

[Image: B4A967BE-E903-4276-BB88-DDCFBCB2C037_zpso57u50yw.jpg]

[Image: 7B5FDB1A-F4FA-4AF5-8273-FEE605ED13B1_zpshhmmi0eg.jpg]

[Image: 866473C5-F035-4970-BAB4-E172EB28CF9B_zpsuhajuwxg.jpg]

[Image: C6DF7652-6453-46A4-9DF6-8AD0B6BC054D_zpsktx7oh48.jpg]

[Image: 84515158-A2C2-4507-AF70-64C2611243BA_zpssdfo65ov.jpg]

[Image: 715F13C2-73C6-49E7-BD74-D848AE55E6B9_zpsotovhrca.jpg]

[Image: 557EBB2D-9A66-4ABA-973E-07C9D2B03232_zpsshoxcdlv.jpg]

[Image: A07BBAEB-F51E-48EE-8191-A4DB4AD1E642_zpsma4t4gif.jpg]

[Image: ED7D5B23-1F1B-4339-9EA2-B49D82FB9D58_zpsbo3lzru5.jpg]
Thats some nice card's! That Immaculate is nasty!!
Nice collection. Let me know if you're looking for Warrick Dunn rookies cause I've got quite a few. I'll try to go through them and upload them to my org for you to check out.
Very nice stuff!
One of the best people to ever play in the NFL... people throw around the "role model" tag way too much, but this guy is that for sure. Great collection that you can be proud of.
Sweet stuff!!!! Keep it up!!!
Nice cards. i have on;y one half way decent Dunn card, a 2006 Rookies and Stars Patch card numbered to 25.
You are the first I've seen to collect Warrick Dunn and you are right not too many out there. I have been looking for a 1997 SP Authentic graded 9.5 for awhile and none ever seem to become available. Nice collection
Wicked awsesome! Always like Warrick as I'm a big Noles fan.
What a great PC! I hope you continue posting pics.
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