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So im down to my final 3 weeks trading. Looking for Mike Trout RCs/Autographs or Bryce Harper Auto RCs.

[Image: image.jpg2_zps4wyzq498.jpg]

This picture came out horrible
[Image: image.jpg3_zpsmicvyft7.jpg]

[Image: image.jpg1_zpspi838a6e.jpg]
That's a whole lot of Bryants, Rich! Nice cards and good luck, man!
if you want to check me, i have those. have 6 BH autos as well as Trouts.
some of those look familiar. lol. i have your package at home waiting to be opened. been working 18 hours a day lately
Always looking for bryant
pm me some prices
Green Refractor and Orange Paper Bryant--- Traded
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