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Ok so pretty much anything is up for grabs, I have my trade stuff as well as my pc if yall wanna go through my organize of things not listed for trade. I will be working this week to get everything listed FS in org.

Going to switch gears and focus on my Holland and Griffey PC's and sell off some of the other stuff. I'm not in dire needs or anything so this won't be a fire sale but do need to pay off a few things to get ready for the new little man coming to the house!

Feel free to shoot me an offer or PM me to get the ball rolling. And sorry but for the time being I won't be doing any trades.

Here are a few options, plus anything in my org!

2012 Panini Prizm Prizm Auto 9.5/10 - $100
[Image: 95CD7313-984E-4033-B3C8-2C5BF8E6FE4F_zps31aeitav.jpg]

1989 Upper Deck Griffey - $40
[Image: 99FDA76C-F406-4ED5-9218-61FA77EA537C_zpsa7kvq8ud.jpg]

2014 Bowman Russell Wilson SP - $120 obo
[Image: 4B1149A3-40B6-48EB-93D4-7275C4440BAC_zps6pscyfb6.jpg]

2014 Bowman Platinum Buxton - $25
[Image: E123C7E3-7870-428D-8426-D67772D7055C_zps8njujhzd.jpg]

2014 Allen Ginter JoFer Mini Mini 1/1 - $275obo
[Image: 5B10F2DF-2547-4046-97AD-7D8366BB4A8A_zpsrdrfqjd1.jpg]

2012 Bowman's Best xfractor /25 - $50
[Image: 426A8B4F-39B4-4D8C-BBC4-3C229E53A3CC_zpsepvxchvw.jpg]
Congrats on the baby and good luck with sale
Congrats on your blessing!
Congratulations Brian. I hope you still stick around.
(04-01-2015 03:57 PM)Hofcollector Wrote: [ -> ]Congratulations Brian. I hope you still stick around.

Oh I'm sticking around for sure. I'll do some trades here and there when I can but keep up with everyone on the boards. Not looking to get rid of everything just get caught up on some stuff. I kinda over reached getting my collection to where it is now, so it's only fair that I make it right for the baby!

Thanks for all the well wishes guys! We are super excited! Now I have to collect for 2 !!
Did the same thing when my last one came. Congrats on the new one on the way.
bump for pics
PM sent.
Congrats on the soon to be addition to the family!

Griffey RC gone, thanks Rob!
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