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Full Version: Looking to trade!
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Send some offers over! Looking for Braves and HOF auto/relics![Image: 70225a2a322fe70d3fc4f20cc9400c69_zps2w9uwgkv.jpg]
Singleton 9/10
TTT Heyward 3/10
2010 update Heyward 1/1

[Image: 7804c708d8dc810d53ba8feb8de098a9_zpstnvdy7vb.jpg]
Zimmerman 3/5
Mccutchen 31/99
Upton 8/25
Ryu 14/15

[Image: c73e3a8654c45ba681f453ae8d8f67aa_zpse00atpwd.jpg]
Williams 7/10
Pudge 1/5
Betts 341/499
I'd be interested in the Betts five star.
Nice williams, wish I had something for it!
open offer sent
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