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got into some 2015 tribute baseball when they come in they are tradeable
got a jose fernandez auto #64/189
miguel cabrera jersey 11/75
masahiro tanaka jersey 122/150
reggie jackson #37/99
joe dimaggio base
Wade Boggs base
cal ripkin 1/1
What's the Ripken? An auto?
no it is just a base looks like a printing plate
Hey, a win's a win. I love the Tribute base cards. They are always so beautiful.
They are really sharp looking and with topps recalling the product I would think things would be short printed

Can't get much shorter print than 1/1 lol
The base and relics are beautiful this year. It's a shame about the autographs. Would love to see the Ripken when it comes in.
ill scan everything and post them when they come in
I'm interested in the Cabrera jsy if it's ft. Thanks.
So, did you buy from some place that breaks the product for you and records it online? That takes the fun out of it for me.
I did because with the immaculate at 400 a box I'm not gonna buy any but I can buy in for 13.99 a spot and maybe get lucky lol and I've gotten into a few and have gotten pretty lucky I think!!! got all the hits in tribute for 5 buy ins at 12.99 each im pretty sure I got my 65 bucks worth
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