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Full Version: Free Yankees Lot
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I got rid of all my non-pc cards and I'm not going to buying boxes/packs for awhile. This means I won't have anything for trade so I won't be trading anymore for awhile too.

Anyway, I have about 175 Yankees cards left that I'm looking to just give away. There are about 175 cards here and they range from 2007-present. There are some duplicates in here but there is also a fair share of stars and hall of famers.

I only ask that you pay the shipping which is $5.65 in a small flat rate box.

If anyone in interested, just reply here or shoot me a PM. I'll give first dibs to the earliest time-stamp.

[Image: DSC_0064_zpsskg9vvkg.jpg]
I'll take them. Thanks
(03-27-2015 01:41 PM)sonic311 Wrote: [ -> ]I'll take them. Thanks

PM on the way...
These are still available, above guy never replied.
Just replied to your PM
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