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Anyone have Magic cards they want to trade away or sell? Perhaps you have some and do not know what to do with them. I'd be willing to trade for them if you're looking for sports cards or cash offers.
PM sent
i have thousands and thousands of Magic cards, mostly commons and uncommons. from lorwyn to present
i have a couple thousand also...all from 1993-1997 back when I used to play. I recently did some research though and I told that the Beckett price guide is not as accurate as I (only because it was in town) went to the local Comicon yesterday and after a heated debate with one of the vendors there, realized that he was right. Being an avid sports card collector, I would say Beckett would have accurate pricing, but could it be that Beckett is not as involved with this type of card as the above mentioned website? Last night i went through all my cards and looked them up on, and found a few that were somewhat valuable: Force of Will (Alliances), Ensnaring Bridge (Stronghold) and Blood Moon (The Dark), to name a few. I was pleasantly surprised at what they are currently selling for! I would loave to part ways with ALL my MTG cards for trade (baseball) or sell...I dont have any in my organize yet but will soon..
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