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Hello Beckett community!

So, this super Lucroy(literally and figuratively!) just popped up on the bay and, in order to compete in the expected bidding, I am putting these 9 2011 Trouts up for sale as a lot. Looking to get a little more than half of BV, $180 paypal shipped Priority Mail 2-Day. Not looking to break them up, only to sell them all together. I also have individual scans of each card for anyone interested. Thanks for helping a Luc-collecting family out!

[Image: trout%20rcs_zpsudcnf7sg.jpg]
Holy ****. Someone's going to make out here. That's a beautiful lot Aaron for an even more beautiful price. I may be interested...
Did a little ebay research...good price here! Good luck OP
I will take them. PM your PP address
The Trouts have been sold! Mods can delete this thread. Thanks!

LOL that didn't take long...
(03-19-2015 10:17 AM)rad_1205 Wrote: [ -> ]Aaron,

LOL that didn't take long...

You aren't kidding, Rich! A pleasant surprise, to be sure!
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