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While I have sworn off new Topps Products due to my experience with customer service over damaged cards, I couldn't resist a couple 2013 Topps Archives packs for $2 each inside a vending machine today.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a clean nice looking auto of former Cardinals player Al Hrabosky aka "The Mad Hungarian."

I would have preferred Brett Saberhagen or Nolan Ryan from this set but the odds were against me as the checklist for autos in this product was not the best but I know this guy was a Cardinals fan favorite.

I would like to find a good home for this card.

Send an offer if you are interested. Thanks.
Sounds like money well spent. I'm you can land a nice pc item for that.
The Archives cards are one of my favorite Topps sets. I like the design and the condition is the best Topps has ever done.

For some reason, the quality control on these cards was top notch.
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