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Hi like it says I have a large group of Red Sox items that are for trade for Football, (Patriots/Texans/Texas A&M) or Hockey (Bruins). Will put in my ORG if anyone is interested in them.

Any David Ortiz or Kevin Millar?
You have some sort of list of whats in there?
Sorry guess I could have added pics

 photo Redsox Game Used 2_zpsea0qqeqo.jpg

 photo Redsox Game Used 1_zpsflxmwgvb.jpg

 photo Redsox Game Used 3_zpsrfnns8vu.jpg

and have a ton of base. Used to PC Red Sox but getting rid of all my baseball Thanks! Like I said I'll put them in my org if interested
What are the auto's?
 photo 2008 Razor Fife SF-E_zpsephoafgz.jpg

 photo 2008 Razor Lavarnway RL-A3_zpsbmm2rm9r.jpg

 photo 2013 Five Stars Rice FSBA-JR_zpsxvpx7otb.jpg

 photo Redsox Autos_zpsarjxwcsv.jpg
Would love a shot at those on-card autos but I really doubt I have anything you'd like.
Please check me for the Pedroia.
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