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Trading has run dry as of late for me. I have recently picked back up my Ryne Sandberg "supercollection" and am looking for anything and everything of his from low end to high end. I have a bunch of wants of his marked in my organize. I am also looking to trade for Autos and Patches of Hunter Pence and HOFers. I have included a few scans of some stuff I have for trade. Most of my trade bait is not scanned in; however, it is all listed FT. Some of my PC may be available for high end Sandbergs.

[Image: Andy%20Pettitte_zpsbhzfgpsm.jpg]
[Image: Bryce%20Harper_zpsw0giy9df.jpg]
[Image: Evan%20Longoria_zpshjxlnrtz.jpg]
[Image: Jason%20Heyward_zpsxioyeswd.jpg][Image: MarkTrumbo_zps31833ae6.jpg]
Offer sent!
Open offer sent.
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Didn't have anything for you last time. I do have a 2011 ITG Sandberg dual auto /9 ft if interested.

[Image: img20150201_14135054_zps6d220b1e.jpg]
@mgruber: yes please check me for it. thanks
(03-12-2015 03:21 PM)rob024420 Wrote: [ -> ]@mgruber: yes please check me for it. thanks

I did check your org but didn't see anything I would take for it. What do you have in the PC that you would be willing to trade? Preferably Tigers, other HOF'ers. Would prefer a 1 for 1 deal. Feel free to send me a pm if you think you may have something for me and we can go from there. I already have another Sandberg auto in my PC (ironically I won it in a contest thru beckett) so I'd like to see this one go to someone such as yourself if we can swing a deal. Thanks man.
pm sent
back up with this
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