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Shhhhhh..... Just accept it as fact and scour the common autos at your local shows. These have been selling that high for 6 years.
I heard years ago that the Erik Kramer was super tough to locate.
Looks like someone is shilling it though.
I saw this card on a post here a few months ago, looked like the guy has about 500 of them.
This guy is the culprit:

They are buying as many as they can and jacking the price on the resale.
They are creating a False Value by hoarding the supply. Apparently this has been going on for years.
This is unscrupulous!!!

Look how many they have in that picture!!!

And that price is FOR ONE CARD (read description)!!!!
What a bas^&*&.....
I find the concept interesting from a supply/demand standpoint but the practice deplorable.
Its not an original concept. I remember talking with my local shop owner when I was 17 and he had this plan back then (1995). He wouldnt do it because of morals, but that doesnt stop other people.

I heard a rumor that some people did this as well with the 1993 and 1994 Topps Finest Refractors.

Its just a @#$% move and it just causes the price to temporarily jump while he does this. When he dies and the collection gets broken up or stops this escapade, the price will plummet to the actual book value ($10). Its just someone taking advantage of others and I would express to people that own the card not to sell to him. He joined a bunch of forums under the handle "JDiamond".
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