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Full Version: Marshall to the jets
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If only the Phins would trade for guys like this.....
Oh man, and that clears the way for Alshon Jeffery to assume his rightful place as #1. Marshall was good for the team and he gave the Bears some solid production, but I think his presence would have continued to limit the ceiling for Jeffery and Wilson. No doubt I don't think the Bears will be good in 2015. But they are positioning themselves to get out of bad contracts and build up in Fox's system.

As for the Fins, don't forget they traded for a younger Marshall once upon a time, plus signed Wallace a few years later. They do take their chances, just didn't work out unfortunately.

Having said that, still looking to acquire more Alshon Jeffery cards Smile
I like him still and thnk him and Tannehill could have been nice but I am hoping for the louiville kid in the 1st round this year.
As a cheesehead this makes me so happy. Now we only have to cover 1 guy? Way to go Jets!
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