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If Twitter was a reliable source fore anything beyond what a twelve-year-old had for breakfast, this would be heck of a move.
I will legitimately soil myself if this were to happen and then go streaking with no concerns of going to jail for indecent exposure!!! Revis on one side and grimes on the other with 2 massive humans plugging the middle and the dre on the outside with miller and Murray in the backfield....I will literally be the happiest person on earth if this happened.
its a satire website
Yeah but it sounds good at least. No chance it will happen due to salary cap restrictions but one can only hope so until it doesn't happen I will keep hoping lol.
I know its not real but it sure sounded good, lol
Who needs Murray with Miller and Thomas Tongue
The only thing worth merrit is possibly getting Suh. I don't want him as he will cost too much and I want other positions 1st... LB/ G/ CB/ S. To name a few.
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