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My son collected cards from around 2005-2010. He has amassed quite a collection, and we are wanting to sell the lot. He has several cards in the $80 range, quite a few between $10 and $30, and a lot below $10. We are selling this now to use the money (whatever we can get) towards a car. I'm pretty much a noob to all of this, and don't have anything "vintage." We've cataloged the ones that are $1 or more here in Beckett and it totals up to a little over $4,000. We KNOW we won't come anywhere near that. We want to sell them and sell them as one lot. Any suggestions?
Ebay, craigslist, collectors universe "buy sell trade" forum.

Forgot to mention, it may be easier to split the entire group of cards up into lots. You could sell one lot of 1,000 (just as an example) cards and ship them that way. you can ship them in those 1,000 count storage boxes.
Also, if your going to sell them this way, always put the book value on the total lot so the potential buyer knows what their dealing with.

Hope this helps. Good luck!
Hate to be the bearer of bad news but without selling each card individually, you won't get too many looks for a "lot" and the ones who do will offer 5% value. I would suggest maybe going to a card shop or card show and try to unload there. Most collectors now collect certain teams or players. So boxes of random stuff regardless of value don't gain much interest. But that's the best advice I can give is to go to a shop or show..
Yeah, selling any singles that you could make maybe, $10 or so plus, on ebay, would get you a lot more than lots. Another option is COMC. You ship to them, they sell, ship, and you cash out what you make. I'm not sure on their fees or details, but you can contact them to find out. Depending on where you live, some of the bigger stores will buy entire collections, but I would guess they'd offer you very little.
any phins stuff...?
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