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First I was really happy to add these to my collection:

 photo Pro Set Fact_zps1adyuiwc.jpg

Wait what?? That's 1990 Pro Set. What is so great about those?? They are still printing them. If you put them in a box together they will multiply. Why are you showing those off?
Let's flip them over and find out:

 photo Pro Set Fact Back_zpsu20scyqu.jpg

That's right the rare Pro Set fact parallels only issued to schools in Cincinnati. Those were the last two I needed to make the complete team set for the Cowboys. If only they had included Emmitt's rookie in this. Imagine what that would go for?? I believe the Tom Landry in this is rarer than his rookie card from the 50's.

Some other great pickups in the mail to fill some holes:

 photo Darrin Smith_zpsabf5g7gm.jpg

 photo Michael Irvin 1000 Stripe_zpsnmhfgrmg.jpg

 photo Crown Irvin_zpsloixms6k.jpg

 photo Everson Walls_zps9cryvgqb.jpg

Finally I picked this Jason Witten Auto 5/6 from my local flea market yesterday. So overall it's been a great two days of collecting.

 photo Jason Witten_zpsmkk8trik.jpg

 photo Jason Witten Back_zps6is5wcvr.jpg
Nice stuff! Congrats on the rare adds!
Thanks guys!
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