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I like many, many other collectors on here have more than I'd like to admit outstanding from Panini and quite honestly don't even expect to even get those, but with my De'Anthony collection two cards of him I really wanted were the SP Authentic auto patch & the SP Authentic Super FX auto. I bought both redemptions and redeemed them, but my question is how is UD with their redemptions lately? Its been years since I've redeemed anything from Upper Deck and I remember it being Panini-esque back in the day as far as waiting forever and horrible customer service. Panini is bar non the absolute worst, but I"m hoping for the best with these two DAT's from UD because they're not some schmuck 8th rounder I pulled from a pack, they're two cards I really want for my collection. I bought a few redemptions of him from topps and as usual, they were absolutely on point with them. Had 4 Topps redemptions of him and had all four redeemed already. I realize thats not going to happen with UD, but any word on any recent experiences would be great to hear, good or bad hahaha
I pulled the mini refractor auto /150 if you need it.
I can't attest to the speed or service they have these days myself, but I doubt I'll buy a redemption of theirs.
I pulled a redemption from a box of 13 SPX a couple weeks ago, went to redeem it. Lightly scratched the coating like I always do. BOOM, non legible code that neither my wife or I could figure out. I'd heard of this happening to some other people as well, and I hate to say it, but wonder if they don't do it on purpose. Luckily is was just a $10 no name, so I just chucked it.

I've been wanting to buy some of the SPA Martavis Bryant redemptions, but after that I'll just wait til some live ones starting popping.
Yeah it's just nice because obviously the benefit of buying the redemption card is you're going to get it for less than if the card was live, but of course that comes with the non benefit of having no idea when it's going to come, not to mention with stuff like the Auto Patch RC, the quality of the patch you'll get. For someone like Martavis I'd want to buy the redemptions too because his stuff is up there (at least the stuff that I've bid on cause I myself like him too) but like I said it sucks waiting for it esp when its a card of your favorite player that you bought, rather than pulling a redemption of someone you're not that into. Time will tell I guess! All I do know is that I can't wait for that Super F/X De'Anthony to be redeemed because I love those cards! Hopefully we'll see the De'Anthony stuff going live for me and the Martavis stuff going live sooner than later!
I've had one Upper Deck redemption card - it was from a product that was out a while so the card was already live when I submitted it, and I got the card within a week or two - so I was quite satisfied.

I'd put them much closer to Topps in that regard than Panini - Panini will take their sweet time shipping stuff that is already live.
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