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Been a little while…. been taking it slow and recovering from christmas, wife birthday and valentines day…. crappy 3 months for my card collecting habits… but here goes!

Wilson Mcfarlane … I always attend a Super Bowl saturday show and try to get a player from either team…. this year I just couldn’t bring myself to buy a Pats player,,,lol

[Image: 3F0A47A4-94F8-48F7-8B06-F1691399AE06_zpsgxegpnou.jpg]

Giant box of singles from Gadsden! Thanks a ton and had a great time at the show!
Lost of sorting to do….
[Image: 669114ED-E3BF-4324-80B3-0DF402D80F9A_zpsmy5wtirz.jpg]

Some Random pickups and Phins

[Image: 8710FEA6-1D87-4C0F-AFF2-CD02749BF505_zpsjtx0alla.jpg]

[Image: 9514BD70-0B90-4F54-B73E-3173867D4394_zpszv0hlbth.jpg]

[Image: 3FBD294A-39B5-497D-8C9C-E9FF3AAB1445_zpsspjgxoze.jpg]

[Image: B189C237-E63B-438E-8FDA-0241DFDEB149_zpsyp0nga6x.jpg]

2$? … why not
[Image: 0B12100A-71C2-456C-B0F2-3DAE70649EE7_zps2b1iihfj.jpg]

D Adams
[Image: 5F151FCA-9B05-4893-B560-3B87AB288FA3_zpspyymslss.jpg]

Williams Rookie
Die cut
[Image: 81E0C98C-72FF-45F1-A713-A8F96339414D_zpso0mttgau.jpg]

Bush 5/5 …. pm from pudge?
[Image: 3267B661-A04E-4C04-82A9-0B078187626E_zpsmupnz0c2.jpg]

Manning Race to Marino
[Image: 37490B81-521C-4D8D-9715-300EC81507E3_zps6d5qizs7.jpg]

[Image: ACB326A2-C539-4B9F-9661-C8267EBFF405_zpswvesxdw6.jpg]

Thomas Pro-Bowl … piece of the star
[Image: 6F4439F5-DC25-40F1-B3D4-A596FC826BAB_zpswoz8gwoh.jpg]

Keith Jackson
[Image: 14D1BC01-0E3E-40C6-B22E-3886310DAD38_zpsrxnp5f0h.jpg]

Miller Finest /99
[Image: EFF3B57E-6E55-4E15-A0EC-2B48E9360A53_zpsgbmlifak.jpg]

Landry PC adds
[Image: 307EA847-C2FF-4EFD-9451-7BFEF0565AE9_zps99edrrkh.jpg]

[Image: 0F2FCB53-A991-4D72-BA0E-F6D68E48F4FC_zpsuuehdp1a.jpg]

[Image: AD8FB7F6-EE5F-48E9-AFD3-D09F3225B618_zpsa8k5hiv3.jpg]

[Image: 8D661C9F-35C6-4F54-A7F7-DB32D759E557_zpsaaehmaue.jpg]

[Image: 85267F7D-4391-48A4-8C56-CEF9FB90DDFC_zpszmbain4n.jpg]

[Image: 3202F6A2-7FA2-49DE-AC45-C01C964119F9_zps8hmlzmw5.jpg]

[Image: 5AE56F87-43C7-4752-8028-E73E5BCC1246_zpserjdjw5o.jpg]

[Image: BDB0E527-80AD-43E1-8BE7-8C5E23C2E532_zpsrxuqlrum.jpg]

[Image: EB34BC3B-D7B5-44D7-84BB-F6F48F33D2B9_zpsrr70rfdj.jpg]

[Image: 62D63171-D0CD-422D-AF7D-D677B42FCA00_zps0i254abu.jpg]

Jordan PC Adds
[Image: DC145083-90B4-4A89-B926-6C24E4E037C3_zpsygr9yp1z.jpg]

Jordan / Ansah Dual
[Image: 9279B654-474E-41DC-B8F2-1B51F2E46F79_zps5ezm6q2f.jpg]

[Image: _57_zpshm63mrot.jpg]

/10 Spectra
[Image: 49C7CA6B-1A81-4440-B97D-6EAD02D58638_zps3dnpjjta.jpg]

3/5 spectra
[Image: AB814B62-8589-4E25-8DC4-86FF4885495F_zpsdcyw2b8b.jpg]

Thomas PC Adds

5/6 up to 3 of these
[Image: 8DF5F1FA-D387-4FED-8552-D709A55DA214_zps2lvu6iac.jpg]

[Image: E35BD989-F187-45EA-B17C-210525B0E94C_zpseyxw3sjq.jpg]

/5 Laundry Tag
[Image: 58773332-212B-486A-BAD4-B30EFB43124B_zpstykq00yy.jpg]

[Image: 5A8A5929-6D67-4497-AE28-5AFA76990316_zpsqtwxajyd.jpg]

/5 Emerald…. been looking for one of these since 2011!
[Image: 5A8A5929-6D67-4497-AE28-5AFA76990316_zpsqtwxajyd.jpg]

1/1 PC adds

Moreno 1/1
[Image: DF256545-2249-468A-BCD8-7CA321FE901B_zpse8ulkruf.jpg]

Wallace 1/1
[Image: B8E7B7B6-7C54-4BAC-80DC-7447B16DF23B_zps8r1mnh6p.jpg]

Ginn 1/1
[Image: FC1307AB-2164-4106-A69A-A4A4C80B364D_zpsa6n2yhtf.jpg]

Immaculate Nameplates… please let me know if you see any of the other 4!

Thomas 1/1 “A”
[Image: 31D3CC49-7202-4729-A452-1D7F284F321E_zpsq0zgu7ac.jpg]
Thomas 1/1 “S”
[Image: _57-1_zpswjru5rua.jpg]

And…. the biggie this week!
1/1 Treasures NFL logo!
[Image: FCCAC4CF-FC91-45A6-B211-00694E0FAC67_zpsxrkudsya.jpg]

Thanks for looking and let me know if you see any of the Immaculate nameplates!
Nice pickups man. Figured you would be after thoes letterman.
Nice stuff as always! Hit me up...I got a little something for you Smile
(02-27-2015 02:12 PM)gadsden86 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice pickups man. Figured you would be after thoes letterman.

Thanks! ... How could I not Smile .... you going broke on Wake immaculate cards?
(02-27-2015 02:18 PM)savagenate Wrote: [ -> ]Nice stuff as always! Hit me up...I got a little something for you Smile

Thank you sir... What ya got?
Letterman patches always have my heart

Glad to see you didn't scoop up any of my Hartlines Smile
(02-27-2015 04:43 PM)phinzphan1372 Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you sir... What ya got?

[Image: ra4y832w.jpeg]
thank you sir!
DAYUM! It's been awhile since I stopped by BUT I see ima have to come by more often! Tongue

PM coming! U knew it though! lol
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