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Full Version: Set Building Site?
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Just recently I started going pretty heavy into set building. I know we can do a lot of it here on forums, buying websites, through Facebook/eBay and at our local lcs but do we have just a "Set Builders" site out there? A place we can go to ask, search and help other builders. I can only take so much more of the wtb/wtf the hottest players threads. I personally enjoy the hunt and helping others with their hunts. Am I the only one who thinks if there isn't already one out there that it may be a good thing to try and start? Either way just tossing the question out there. Not trying to promote any other site. Maybe a ongoing thread here would be a good start. What do you guys/gals think??
Lump does have a thread in the trading section for set needs. Not sure how much traffic it gets, but I'm guessing it is probably the closest thing to what you are looking for on here.
I've gotten some good responses before from that thread but it can be tough. But we set builders are out there Smile
Yeah Alan I am part of a group on Facebook that is pretty helpful. The thread lump made would be helpful too just not a lot of traffic like you said. Thinking a site devoted to only sets would be great.
Let me know what you are building jp and maybe I can help
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