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Ive gotten 4 boxes on eBay the past couple week. Didn't really pull anything great, kelvin Benjamin patch auto was the best. A few years ago the guy that owned the card shop that used to be by my house said that they can open the box take out the good cards put crappy ones in and then reseal the box. Has anybody ever heard that? It makes me skeptical about buying on eBay.
If heard of it. Not sure how often it happens. Make sure that the plastic wrapping looks legit. Usually they have the companys name on the wrapping. Also the wrapping usually is pretty tight and not crinkled. Also check the feedback on ebay seller to make sure he hasn't had other complaints. Lastly, its only 4 boxes. Sometimes you just get bad boxes. Good luck.
It's not really the bad cards that I was getting that make me not want to buy, I know buying packs/boxes is just like gambling, you win some you lose some. It's just interesting to think about, and if people actually can/would do something like that.
I think this happens quite a bit, more so when dealing with vintage unopened mainly because of the wax wrappers that the cards come in. With modern, (if I'm not mistaken) most cards come in Mylar wrapping which are sealed by the manufacturer so it would be very easy to see if a pack had been tampered with. I haven't really heard too much about people resealing modern packs.

As mentioned before, it's very important to buy from reputable websites and ebay sellers. And inspect each pack when you get them.
I'm on a nice roll with topps chrome from DandA cardworld
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