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I know this is not the vintage forum, but nobody trades there. I've traded some vintage to some of you guys so I'll post in here. I decided to look through a couple old boxes and I happened to grab a box with some old vintage. These were the cards I picked up when I was younger before I got into graded cards. Sorry for the pics. They don't do the cards justice. If you see any scratches, they're on the lucite. I'm too lazy to take them all out. Also, the cards look a little round or bubbly. It's just the 1/2" lucite combined with my horrible photography skills.
[Image: output_zps15ykc42b.jpg] [Image: output_zpse33blxay.jpg] [Image: output_zps3bsl76wy.jpg] [Image: output_zpsemjopltj.jpg] [Image: output_zpshaskiysr.jpg] [Image: output_zpsjtvorzt6.jpg] [Image: output_zpsfchjkppy.jpg] [Image: output_zpsuguphbbs.jpg] [Image: output_zpsk442rpsa.jpg] [Image: output_zpsmkugzntf.jpg] [Image: output_zpslnizkqeo.jpg] [Image: output_zpsytlnnqdw.jpg] [Image: output_zpsfihio3kf.jpg] [Image: output_zpstvxbaz0k.jpg] [Image: output_zps7uj9xwrv.jpg] [Image: output_zpsmhmvsy82.jpg] [Image: output_zpsh5odbwol.jpg] [Image: output_zpscobv7lvq.jpg] [Image: output_zpsonuicgm5.jpg] [Image: output_zpssog8y37f.jpg]
If you just want to get rid of the mays? You can just send them to me then....haha............but great lot of sweet cards

But really I can use the 54 and 55 mays
Here's some more. One of the '61 Mantles is an absolute blazer, along with the '63 Aaron and Killebrew sp.
[Image: output_zpsefzgsxa0.jpg]
[Image: output_zps9bnjnxsj.jpg] [Image: output_zps92cbojzw.jpg]
[Image: output_zpskjpjkoyi.jpg] [Image: output_zpsrimigh0e.jpg]
[Image: output_zpsrly93ita.jpg] [Image: output_zpsnmw69ob6.jpg]
[Image: output_zpswwcsz2na.jpg] [Image: output_zpshrzsgcwh.jpg]
[Image: output_zps0ufasfuc.jpg] [Image: output_zpsnjskkzmb.jpg]
[Image: output_zps9qg6btgv.jpg] [Image: output_zpsa7aovutc.jpg]
[Image: output_zpsysz5j3pm.jpg] [Image: output_zpsfultbl8h.jpg]
[Image: output_zpsymlihv3l.jpg] [Image: output_zpsawvb9fqk.jpg]
Interested in one of those nolan rookies
WOW. Some absolutely great stuff. You're not lying about the Killebrew and Mantle!
(02-21-2015 06:57 PM)rob024420 Wrote: [ -> ]Interested in one of those nolan rookies

They are both in really good shape. If you need close ups, let me know.
(02-21-2015 07:00 PM)jaredhuizenga Wrote: [ -> ]WOW. Some absolutely great stuff. You're not lying about the Killebrew and Mantle!

They dont look good in the pics. They're pretty good examples out of the lucite.
I trust ya, lmk what it will take
hi matt can u check me for a mantle or 2 i think i need some more vintage mantles
Rob and onagi- I'll check your buckets now.
(02-21-2015 06:57 PM)rob024420 Wrote: [ -> ]Interested in one of those nolan rookies

Do you have any Stanton, Trout, Fernandez, Harper or Abreu not listed?
Just this one
[Image: BryceHarper_zps9225b457.jpg]
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