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Hey guys -

Trying to get together a list of needs. I ran across these 2 sets of cards and was hoping to see if anyone could help me out.

Beckett lists James Stewart

1995 Classic Five Sport
#61 - Base
#61 - Printer's Proof #/795
#61 - Red Die Cuts
#61 - Silver Die Cuts

1995-96 Classic Five Sport Signings
#46 - Base
#46 - Blue Signature
#46 - Die Cuts
#46 - Red Signature

The picture I pasted shows 5 different cards, the top row are #61 and the bottom 2 are #S46 (I get the S is for signatures)....but are these 2 sets one in the same?

thanks for any help

[Image: Stewart%201_zps9i9ds0yu.jpg]
[Image: Stewart%202_zps3wuml3vo.jpg]
They are not the same set. They were two different releases. The S before the number is for 'Signings' to differentiate the two sets easily.
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