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How's everybody doing today? Just got some hits in the mail. Looking for mostly Bumgarner or Posey auto's, or gu's. But always looking through buckets or orgs. Thanks

[Image: gibson10_zpsf77be5bf.jpg]

[Image: bo_zps0e7349f4.jpg]

[Image: wainwirght_zps29f7da8b.jpg]

[Image: juan_zpsc96014fc.jpg]

[Image: jose_zps5f6271a2.jpg]
Man I want that Bo
(02-19-2015 07:26 PM)yankees_pride Wrote: [ -> ]Man I want that Bo

He was BAAAAD man.
That's a sweet looking Jackson!
I will get in line for the Bo. Also interested is Jose
i'd be willing to trade my gold Bum auto for the Bo if interested? also have a Posey bowman rc auto. lmk. thanks
Pm sent. Thanks
Would love a shot at the BO
That Bo Jackson is on freeze currently in talks, but all the other cards are available, thanks.
I have a Posey 2013 GQ Mini Relc that books close to the Carpenter if you need it plus anything else...I'd trade in your favor.
Id be interested in the Jackson if you want to take a look.
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