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I just busted a box of Topps triple threads (2013) and received a redemption of a Steve Young Auto Relic Sapphire parrallel. This was my first redemption (I'm a newb), and I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of how long it takes to get the card? The status on the website has been "pending" for like five days. Any info is greatly appreciated, I plan on posting pics whenever I get it in the mail along with some other really nice hits I've had since jumping back into the collecting game.
Well, it depends. First, I would check to see if there are any of the actual cards on eBay or in completed auctions. If you don't see any, then it's possible that they haven't been signed. If they haven't been signed yet since 2013, then it is very possible that they won't be, or it could be that they won't be signed any time soon. It's really a crapshoot. I've heard of players that NEVER sign (Julio Jones), and I've had redemptions for brand new products that I enter into their system and it fulfills it right away.

My first thought would be to contact Topps and ask them if Steve actually signed the cards. If he hasn't at this point, I would say that you could wait a little while for it if you want, or you can ask for a replacement. The replacement process can be either a good or bad experience, so just be prepared to maybe send in what they give you as a replacement back to them and demand a better replacement. Good luck!
I have seen other versions of the same card on Ebay, there is a run of the same print that is serial'd to 18, and I saw that for sale on Ebay, so I don't think that is as much of a concern. There are several different versions of this same card, some limited to 1 of 1 and like I said the version #'d to 18... And the one I saw is def. from 2013 and was def. auto'd by Steve Young, so I'm hoping that isn't a concern.
Ok, I would wait a week or two and see if there is any progress on it. If not, then definitely contact Topps about it and see if the version you got was one that maybe he didn't sign because there were so many of them. I think it takes them at least a week to process it even if they have it.
OK thanks for the heads up.
Topps is pretty good about shipping stuff that they have in stock - the last time I submitted redemptions with Topps, I submitted 4 and 3 of them came after about two-three weeks - but it takes some time to process a request even when an item is in stock. Since Topps doesn't charge for shipping redemptions, I don't see much reason to complain about it taking a couple of weeks for them to ship.

Panini charging for shipping on their "Rewards" program and taking several weeks to ship is something to complain about though.
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