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Full Version: $50 to blow!
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I have exactly $50 in my PayPal account. Looking to spend it on one nice card or a lot of various cards. I pretty much collect everything. I love all Atlanta teams and vintage. Love unique cards, multi colored patch cards, booklets, etc... Feel free to leave some scans or shoot me a PM. I have done this in the past and it was quite fun. Looking forward to it. Have a great one everyone.
I got a few nice old Ed Matthews and a dale Murphy rc. I'll get scans when I get home.
PM sent!
Yankees - Looking forward to it!

Ryan - Thanks! Replied
i have a Smotlz tribute auto 1/35 coming in. and some vintage hank aaron's. thanks
I have a Roddy White autograph numbered to 10. Let me know if you want a scan or anything. Thanks.
$50 to blow!................i'll go with the entertainment..................Smile
Snappy and akaus, scans would be amazing!

Elberson- $50 in a strip club would last me 30 good minutes haha
(02-17-2015 05:18 PM)elberson Wrote: [ -> ]$50 to blow!................i'll go with the entertainment..................Smile

I like where your heads at.
alright here is what I got for vintage

[Image: 34493f3f7be962bfac150ef9c5ee3834_zps5f91e6ef.jpg]

[Image: bb1a473ac54ff8f4d8770c2a918e0442_zpsb0d5266c.jpg]
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