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Hey guys im looking to trade some, ive decided I need to cut down on some stuff I have.. Have way to much stuff and really would like to trade for higher end cards to get some of my stuff gone.. so deff looking to make some trades.. I have marked everything I own except some stuff that I haven't listed yet for trade to see if I can do this.. Obviously some stuff I probably wont move because they are pc but deff will for a bigger item.. Lets see what happens I could post some scans but you could just check out my bucket have some of the cards pictured but my organize is most up to date.. have a good day and look forward to getting some trades done haven't did many here in a while.
open offer sent
offer sent. thanks!
trade sent................
Open offer sent. Thanks.
Thanks everyone got around 15 trade offers.. Will get back to everyone soon.. As I said will trade almost Anything to get higher end cards.. Would love to add another jordan rookie or a bowman chrome trout auto rc..
4 trades done.. anyone else? will be posting some pics next..
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