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Last night at 6 PM Pacific time I had in my organize for 1991 Donruss Baseball, I had 2470 items for a total of 12410 cards and this morning I have 2324 items and 10914 cards. Donruss items 601 thru 750 except for 642,651,697,729 and 744 are missing. I checked the checklists and they say I have them added to my organize but when I check the organize they aren't there. I can't add them because I am told they are in my organize. What happened to the cards?
Again another screw up from Maintenance on the system. I am glad these people are not medical providers.
Same problem here, with 2014-15 UD Series 1 Hockey. Missing some of the YG cards, and who knows what else.
Well, the missing cards decided to come back. Miracles do happen....
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