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Looking for a medium or large flat rate box filled with baseball cards. My trade bait is less than stellar right now so wanna get better inventory for trades on here. Looking for a mix of the below.

Base, inserts, rookie cards, refractors, serial numbers cards,
Products no older than 2011
Would love to get topps and Bowman chrome, prizm, triple threads, tribute, museum, select, gold label, spx, finest, opening day blue, stadium club, tek, archives and Bowman Platinum. Will take others but want a good mix. Some will be going towards building a few sets for me as well.

Will pay 40-50.00 depending on what size and what comes with it. Just figured I'd try this out and see what happens.
I have a small flat rate of parallels and a small flat rate of random inserts ready to roll. A lot of the star power is missing from them, but if this is the sort of thing you are looking for is cut a good deal.

Inserts are all over place, but mainly newer... Same with parallels.
I can do a nice mixed lot of cards from 2011-now . Small flat rate with inserts and stuff with a few autos for $50
Not looking for small flat rates but thanks guys, want bigger lots.
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