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Got some stuff from some recent breaks, and a few other things I've collected along the way. Would love to make some trades! The Glavine in here is sick. There were 3 variations of it and this is the variation that hasn't been seen enough to catch a BV. Send open offers!
[Image: f8028085-5420-4faa-8e5a-67a79321d2c2.jpg]
Minor 5/10, Venters 6/9
[Image: image2.jpg]
Teheran 95/99, Glavine 17/27
[Image: b8b0e3b8-684c-4dde-b088-fcd5dd289439.jpg]
Braun /99, George /799
[Image: image4.jpg]
Mejias-Brean /150, Owings /99
[Image: e1d321c9-b66d-4ab6-9683-4a5a4c0bfdf4.jpg]
Pinto /199
[Image: image6.jpg]
Vizquel /25
Offer sent. Thanks
Ohhh I need the Omar.
Offer sent. That Minor is sickkkk
I would to get the Minor and the Teheran
Offer sent Buckles
offer sent
Vizquel gone. A couple involved in potential trades. Keep those offers coming!
I could use the Glavine for my HOF PC if you still have it.
Offer sent Rich
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